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BDM expands again

We are all very pleased to welcome Elli to the team. Elli was previously at West of England and joins us as a trainee solicitor. BDM is a specialist shipping law firm offering high quality legal advice and representation at a reasonable price.  Please follow us on social [...]

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BDM in Japan

Nick and Emmy are just back from Tokyo where they were visiting clients and, amongst other things, attending the annual Univership party. This event is well attended by ship owners from all over Japan. We enjoyed a boat trip with sushi, tempura, beer, sake and karaoke. Many thanks to all our friends [...]

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When is a guarantee not a guarantee?

Sadly, we see many cases where clients enter into charters on the assumption that their counterparty risk is guaranteed only to find out later that the “guarantee” is effectively worthless. Earlier this year the English Courts provided valuable guidance on how to apply the rules of construction when determining the [...]

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BDM Expands Again

In the last month, BDM has welcomed two new additions to the firm. Benita Cheung joins the firm as a Senior Associate. She has worked for several leading international maritime law firms. She specialises in shipping law, in particular contractual disputes arising under charterparties, bills of lading (including cargo claims), [...]

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Early Intervention

Our thanks go to North and Sea Mediation for arranging this well attended seminar on how early intervention can lead to quicker and better outcomes in legal disputes. Nick and Gabby attended alongside prominent names from the legal and P&I world. Maintaining good relations with our main competitors is important when [...]

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The importance of paying hire on time!

It seems that the days of tardy hire payments may be over, at least in some sectors where spot markets are booming and predicted to remain high. Tanker operators have for many years struggled to survive in a market where spot rates have long been below operational and finance costs. This [...]

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When does a document lose its privileged status?

According to a recent Court of Appeal decision(1) the answer is - until someone with appropriate authority waives privilege or statute provides for its disclosure. That is the case even if there is no-one in existence to waive privilege such that the document remains privileged forever! This issue came up in [...]

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