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Nick Burgess in Japan

Nice to be back from an epic trip to Japan to see clients in Imabari, Osaka, Kobe and Tokyo topped by a wonderful cruise in Tokyo Bay courtesy of my old friend Yosuke Tanaka. Thanks also to my friends Tetsu, Hanada san and Saito san who I’ve known for 20+ years. We have grown together both taller and wider! It’s nice to see them doing so well. Many thanks also to all my clients and supporters including NYK, MOL, K Line, Marubeni, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, NSU, Santoku, Doun and others plus all those in the legal, insurance and P&I world who support them and who give me the chance to work with them.

This trip was dogged by questions about the EU ETS scheme which extends to shipping on 1 January 2024. There were questions relating to the geographical issues faced by shipowners in an increasingly hostile world and issues arising from a recent spate of ship fires some of which are ongoing. We will endeavour to share our views on those via our Blog and to support clients in whatever way we can.

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