Happy GDPR day!

Happy GDPR Day |BDM Blog | BDM Law

Today is the final day to comply with the EU’s new privacy and data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation. The new regulation (which will be adopted verbatim by the UK Brexit notwithstanding) imposes strict new rules on controlling and processing personally identifiable information. It also extends the protection of personal data and data protection rights, permanently changing the way customer data is collected, stored, and used.

You may also have seen your email box clog up recently with emails asking if you want to remain subscribed to various mailing lists. Fortunately, at BDM we don’t believe in mailing lists so we don’t need to email our clients and friends. We prefer the approach of putting content on our website and sharing it via social media. Having said that, like others, we have had to revise our privacy policy and terms and conditions of business so we shall need to write to all our existing clients in the next few days to bring this to their attention. We respectfully ask for your indulgence on this.

Going forwards, GDPR will bring many positive changes – including the reduction of Spam emails. However, more than that, it is a massive step to address the challenges of the data economy and for consumers to regain control of their data.

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