How we charge

We understand that there is substantial financial pressure on clients and those who insure them. We have therefore structured BDM Law to provide high quality advice without the expensive and unnecessary overheads that are normally associated with law firms. Our charges are therefore lower than those of most other law firms. We aim to deal with claims efficiently and with a high degree of senior involvement. In our view, that provides our clients with the best possible value for money and we think it is a viable option for those clients looking for outsourced claims handling, support and legal advice.

We offer a flexible approach to charging. We are happy to discuss various charging structures including the following:

  • Hourly rates
  • Fixed fees for certain types of work or for stages
  • Damages Based Assessments (i.e. percentage of the recovery or amount saved compared to the original claim or on the amount settled below the reserved amount)
  • Conditional fee arrangements
  • Fixed rates for casualty investigations, statements, reports and recommendations to include travel time and disbursements
  • Free file review and assessment of merits with a no obligation fee proposal (based on limited documentation)
  • In certain circumstances we can also offer complete outsourcing of certain types of claims at a fixed price or on a recovery basis which may be of use to clients in run off or with a book of old claims that they want to outsource