Shipping: Charterparties

With a track record of handling hundreds of charter party disputes, there is little that our team has not seen and done.

  • Advising Owners, Club and Hull Underwriters on a potential unsafe port claim of US$20M arising out of a grounding in Morocco.
  • Advising Owners on issues arising as a result of the supply of poor quality fuel to a vessel and their remedies against Charterers.
  • Advising Owners on speed and performance warranties and issues arising in relation to over and under performance and over and under consumption of fuel.
  • Advising Owners and Club on Inter Club Agreement related issues as a consequence of cargo losses and claims pursued against Owners.
  • Dealing with defaults under various forms of charterparty including advice on suspension of service, withdrawal of vessel from Charterers for non-payment of hire, claims for damages for repudiatory breach, liens on cargo and sub freights and enforcement of claims against defaulting Charterers including advice on insolvency issues.
  • Advising on many of the leading international consortia agreements relating to the carriage of containers and pool agreements relating to carriage of liquid cargoes.
  • Numerous ongoing demurrage claims for ship owners.
  • Defending ship owners from speed and performance related claims.